Getting "Unstuck"

Small Steps in Getting Unstuck

We all get stuck at some point in our lives. It can be in a job where we are not fulfilled or happy, but too afraid to leave. It can be in a relationship that makes us feel “stuck” and we stay for many reasons, some more valid than others. Most of us get “stuck” in much smaller ways like in our eating habits or exercise routines…or lack of.

My son shared a good story around exercising and how he made a few small “tweaks” to get back on track. Most of us agree that exercising in the morning, before work, is the best for many reasons…it is the gift to yourself before you start your day. Most of us also would rather sleep that extra hour too. What do we do? We either say yes to exercise in the morning or no.

What about just making a small change? Like give yourself the extra 30 minutes sleep in the morning; however, save time in the morning by making your lunch at night and laying out your clothes. The half hour you did at night allows you the extra half hour to sleep in the morning. Now, see if you can also go to bed just 15 minutes earlier……small steps and you get to where you need to be. That is the small changes my son made to get back on his morning exercise routine.

Rarely is life all or nothing. It is the small “adjustments” we can make that makes the big differences in our health, our outlook and ultimately our happiness. How long do we want to stay in “stuck” land before we make some small changes that will get as “unstuck” and on the road to where we want to be?